3 smart reasons

Why You Should Invest Directly In Solar

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The high rate of return on solar investing

The high rate of return on solar investing

By finding the right project site, and implementing a high level of experience, lean operations, and swift action, solar can give you a 50-300% return at the completion of our projects.

How to make the most impact on the climate crisis

How to make the most impact on the climate crisis

Doom-scrolling isn’t the final word. If you’re ready to do something about climate change, this is it. Your dollars will have the highest impact on the climate crisis by actually doing something to improve the future for our families.

Why our fund outperforms stocks

Why our fund outperforms stocks

Are you tired of not feeling the impact of your investment? You know all too well that investing in stocks is a bit of a mystery. With renewable energy investing you can rest assured that you are a direct part of reducing emissions and creating jobs.

“In my 25 years of real estate experience, Shasta Power adds more value to its projects than any developer that I’ve ever seen!”

Jason, Investor

“I trusted John to perform, that it would be successful, and I like the high return.”

Grayson, Investor

“I invest in the people as well as the product.”

Peter, Investor

“We see this as a win-win-win. Reducing reliance on fossil fuels, cutting greenhouse emissions AND with any luck a great return on investment.”

Perry & Michelle, Investors

Meet Your Instructors


Max Roe

Max Roe founded Coyote Worx in 2019, a project management consulting company focused on commercial and renewable energy development. With over ten years of industry experience, he is a builder and real estate asset manager/investor who specializes in renewable energy.


John Copyak

John Copyak founded Clean USA Power, Inc., and has been a real estate investor specializing in renewable energy land leasing and sales since 2007. He manages over a thousand acres of wind and solar parcels through five different wind and solar investment companies.


This webinar will teach you about renewable energy and why it is such a powerful place to put your investment funds.
Yes, it is!
This webinar is an invitation to invest in Shasta Power as well as an opportunity to learn why it is so beneficial to invest in solar. However, we do not offer anything else in addition to those things.
This webinar is for anyone who is interested in learning about renewable energy investments and potentially investing in our power fund.
In order to invest, you must be an accredited investor.
It is pre-recorded. This means you can watch it anytime that's convenient to you!
Since it is pre-recorded you will not be able to speak with them directly during the webinar, but you can easily schedule a free consultation call after the webinar.

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