Renewable Energy Projects For Responsible Investors

Solar is on track to eclipse coal by 2025 – Summit Power Fund investors will replace that retiring coal capacity.

Projected Rate of Return: 60% – 320% at Project Exit


Utilizing Existing Interconnection to Repower Coal Plants with Clean Energy

Shasta Power has laid the groundwork to deploy capital through Summit Power Fund into more than a dozen sites across the western US. Three of these sites will be developed by our team, and Summit Power Fund investors are the vanguard making this a reality. The dollar for dollar investor impact and value is unmatched through utility scale solar development. The national average installed cost of Rooftop Solar is $2.49/watt. However, the Utility Scale average installed cost is only about $1.00/watt, more than 2X  more powerful and impactful per invested dollar.

Why invest in coal to solar?

The line between investment and impact couldn’t be clearer. Investor dollars go directly to solar development and project management, then, project sale proceeds go back out to investors once the project is sold in 3-5 years. For investors this is hands-free pure solar development.

Over $50 billion of electric grid infrastructure lies dormant outside the gates of retiring coal and gas fired power plants.

Fiscal Advantage

In markets where utilities are replacing fossil powered assets, new Solar Photovoltaic + Storage assets are an economically responsible solution to generation and distribution concerns. 

Competitive Edge

Utilizing existing transmission and distribution assets by repowering them with Solar Photovoltaic + Storage creates an attractive alternative for utilities.

Shareholder Value

This development strategy creates significant shareholder value and sustainable long term platform growth in a burgeoning market on the upswing.

Climate disruption is the defining issue of our time.

Coal has been the leading source of energy globally for over a century. The use of coal has created a legacy of devastating health and environmental impacts.

The land around coal plants have been rightly condemned as harmful wastelands where no family neighborhood or children’s school would dare be located. Yet, this same land has infrastructure ripe for disruption. As these deadly and dirty facilities are shut down, Shasta Power through the Summit Power Fund is ready to pounce on this once-in-a-century timing.

Shasta Power Investors are leading the transformation from dirty energy to a sustainable future

Invest to Mitigate These Impacts from Climate Disruption

Rising seas and increased
coastal flooding
More frequent and intense
heat waves
Costly and growing health
Destruction of marine
Longer and more damaging
wildfire seasons
Puts military bases
at risk
An increase in extreme
weather events
More severe droughts in
some areas
70,000 sq miles of forest death
in the Rocky Mountains
Puts national landmarks
at risk
Heavier precipitation
and flooding
More destructive

Why Repower Coal Plants with Clean Energy? Coal is…

The chief contributor to
climate disruption
Leading to over 10,000 premature
deaths annually and over $100
billion in annual health costs
(Sierra Club, Beyond Coal
A outdated, dirty, and 19th
century technology
Leading to over $100 billion in
annual health costs (Sierra Club,
Beyond Coal Campaign)
Responsible for 1/3 of US
carbon emissions
Already politically and economically
on its way toward retirement across
the US

Highly Experienced Management Team

Shasta Power is a unified effort of Base Energy, Clean USA Power, Coyote Worx and others.

The development team has broad experience developing more than 2GW of solar and energy storage assets, and currently manages over $10 million in solar real estate funds.

Boris Feldman

“Mr. Feldman founded Base Energy, LLC. Prior to establishing Base Energy, Boris Feldman was the Director of US Development at Canadian Solar where he was responsible for leading the Utility and Distributed Generation Projects including strategy development, implementation, and team management.

John Copyak

Real Estate Manager

John Copyak, founded Clean USA Power, Inc., and is an experienced real estate investor specializing in renewable energy land leasing and sales since 2007. He manages over a thousand acres of wind and solar parcels using five different wind and solar investment companies.

Maxwell Leslie Roe

Strategic Manager

Max Roe, founded Coyote Worx in 2019, a project management consulting company focused on commercial and renewable energy development. He is an experienced builder, real estate asset manager/investor, specializing in renewable energy with more than 10 years of industry experience.

Shasta Power Portfolio

Summit Power Fund will flip greenfield renewable energy projects.

An Emergent Investment Opportunity

Shasta Power Investors will repurpose yesterday’s energy systems, connecting it to the Nation’s new infrastructure.

Shasta Power Investors will repurpose yesterday’s power infrastructure and connect it to limitless energy next door.

Times are Changing

Utilities are facing the retirement and replacement of a large number of coal fired power plants.

Risky Alternatives

The replacement of existing fossil powered assets is likely to create a carbon price liability as well as negative consumer perception.

Open Window

The price of energy from new renewable sources is significantly lower than incumbent fossil fueled technologies.

Invest with Purpose

Help us guide our nation’s energy grid into the brightest possible future.

“Be the change you wish to see in the world.” ~Mahatma Gandhi

How to Invest

Summit Power Fund has more than $600K pre-sold shares, 
Invest Now to secure your place, and lead our nation’s energy grid
into the brightest possible future.