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Invest in a sustainable future

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shasta power solar development investments

Invest in a sustainable future

Earn up to 320% ROI at exit, broaden your investment portfolio, and leave the earth a cleaner, better place.


Investing in the Future Shouldn’t Feel So Far Away

Unlike stocks, index funds, or even Crypto, none of these investments make you feel like you’re making a difference. Shasta Power is here to help connect you directly with your investment so the impact is felt.

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Reclaim yesterday’s power infrastructure with the Summit Power Fund

The Summit Power Fund is a renewable investment fund that exists to eliminate coal, and power the world with clean, renewable energy using solar.

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$200M closed

in utility and commercial projects

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3,000+ acres

leased, optioned, or purchased for renewable energy projects

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6 successful funds

since 2011

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150+ barrels of oil

are kept in the ground for every $50K invested

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62,000 tons of coal

are eliminated for every $50K invested

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10 houses are powered

with clean energy for every $50K invested

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50-300% rate of return

through the Summit Power Fund

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5+ Jobs

for every $50K invested

The Shasta Power Team

Shasta Power Webinar Instructor
Development Manager

Boris Feldman

Boris has an MBA from the University of Southern California, Marshall School of Business, and a BA from the University of California, Los Angeles. Mr. Feldman has participated in multiple industry panels and speaking engagements devoted to renewable and solar energy and is a strong advocate of expanding the clean energy economy.

Shasta Power Webinar John Copyak
Real Estate Manager

John Copyak

John Copyak founded Clean USA Power, Inc., and has been a real estate investor specializing in renewable energy land leasing and sales since 2007. He manages over a thousand acres of wind and solar parcels through five different wind and solar investment companies.

Shasta Power Webinar Maxwell Roe
Strategic Manager

Max Roe

Max Roe, founded Coyote Worx in 2019, a project management consulting company focused on commercial and renewable energy development. He is an experienced builder, real estate asset manager/investor, specializing in renewable energy with more than 10 years of industry experience.

Profile Picture
Project Site Analyst

Ansley Dunning

Ansley obtained her BS in Environmental Sciences with a focus on Alternative Energy from Oregon State University and is excited to be utilizing her degree in the renewable energy field. Ansley leverages her dedication to sustainability, diligently proposing and implementing novel solutions when faced with problems. Ansley enjoys spending time outdoors with her family, nordic skiing, and hiking.

How Does Solar Investing Work?

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