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5 Best ESG, SRI & AI Investment Blogs

By Maxwell Roe

Both the ESG and SRI terms have been tossed around pretty loosely, so we wanted to help illuminate some of that mystery. It can be confusing for investors since most of the advice out there is focused on traditional asset classes.

Best Investment Blog

We dug through the glut of financial advice blogs to help you pick the right one for your Environmental Social and corporate Governance (ESG),  Socially Responsible Investing (SRI) or Alternative Investment (AI) portfolio strategy. 

While there are differences between ESG and SRI (read more here), they are very closely related, so we’ll use them interchangeably. Another quick aside, “SRI” originally meant Sustainable Responsible Impact, but evolved to mean Socially Responsible Investing to broaden its definition. 

Both the ESG and SRI terms have been tossed around pretty loosely, so we wanted to help illuminate some of that mystery. It can be confusing for investors since most of the advice out there is focused on traditional asset classes. Many shy away from offering advice on renewable, sustainable or alternative investing opportunities. 

We obviously think our Summit Power Fund is awesome and has a hugely positive impact, but it’s also a unique opportunity with a very particular investor in mind. We want to offer our readers a chance to look across the industry for investments and advice that may work even better for them. 

No. 1 The Impact Investor 

The fit and finish of this site is wonderful to interact with. The clean, simple yet beautiful design makes the reader feel like they are part of an exclusive club.

The content throughout the blog matches well with traditional investment products available to most retail investors. This site focuses directly on ESG advice as an editorial choice.

While the ESG acronym has been used to greenwash many harmful investments, the way it’s used here is appropriate. SRI is not specifically mentioned within the site that we found. The blog has great analysis of ESG specific Investment Products and Investment Education in a well organized and concise presentation, somewhat differentiating it from the others on the list.

Uniquely, this site offers a whole menu of advice for ESG focused Careers. While the other sites may have some of this professional content, I found this central consideration intriguing. The advice for most investors is spot on, and will help to narrow it’s users down to a great product fit for them. For a list of the best ESG Investment Blogs, this one takes the cake for us. 


  • Lots of high quality “best of list” content for traditional investment classes
  • Product-specific reviews and advice
  • Easy to navigate
  • Beautiful and well designed website
  • New and relevant posts constantly


  • Does not venture into advice for Alternative Investments
  • Less general investment education than some others

No. 2 Green Money Journal

Green Money Journal has been around for more than 30 years telling stories within the SRI, ESG and Alternative investing world long before it was cool. They have articles on every conceivable topic and across the entire history of impact and sustainable investing. GMJ’s content ranges from investing in microloans for sustainable farms across emerging countries, to multi billion dollar publicly traded funds with ESG filters. The site offers news, advice, opinion, personal stories and so much more. It’s truly a repository of all things ESG and SRI.

While it’s very enjoyable to scroll through the expansive content, we found that it is lacking navigational tools to help narrow down through the content beyond the top categories on the home page. There is a search feature which helps if you already know what you’re looking for, but it’s harder to stumble upon wonderful content unintentionally. A “best of” list would be great and more sub-categories to discover things, as well as a modernization of the site would be a welcomed update. 


  • The most content of any ESG or SRI blog 
  • History of reliability and trustworthiness
  • Very high quality post and articles
  • Incredibly diverse array of topics 
  • Doesn’t avoid alternative investment products


  • Outdated website
  • Difficult to navigate and narrow down content 

No. 3 SRI Investing 

As the newcomer on the block, the SRI Investing blog has very few topics yet available (much like our own blog for the time being), but shows great promise.  Backed by US SIF and First Affirmative (two early movers in the SRI and ESG space) there’s a chance this new blog blossoms into a wealth of knowledge. Pun intended. We will watch this closely as more content is added!


  • Specifically focused on SRI
  • Backed by reputable ESG/SRI firms


  • Untested for longevity in producing content
  • Very few posts so far (as of April 2022)  

No. 4 Nerdwallet 

While we wish ESG and SRI were more prominently featured in one of the dropdown menus, we were able to quickly find some ESG advice content on their site. Infact, as of the date of this post, an ESG post was prominently listed on their main investment page under “Most Popular Articles” here: Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Investing and How To Get Started. While this isn’t the specific editorial choice that we’d like to see, it is heartening to see it’s getting to the top of their most popular list (given that it’s so popular, it seems like it may deserve its own direct link on their site….Just sayin’).

Aside from ESG, Nerdwallet is a limitless resource of advice for investors from beginners to seasoned day-traders, and has personal finance content that is best in the industry. It’s a great place to start your education journey, but finding your way to ESG will not necessarily be an organic result. 


  • Great unbiased investment advice 
  • Tons of unbiased personal finance advice
  • Broad education across finance subjects


  • Little focus on ESG
  • Has Alternative Investing content, but it’s not prominently featured

Tied for No. 5 : The Motley Fool and Investopedia

Both The Motley Fool and Investopedia offer sound information and advice across all of the traditional investment and finance topics. We however found it more difficult to discover ESG related posts from their site directly. If we searched ESG or SRI on a search engine, there were articles that were available like on The Motley Fool here: What Is an ESG Rating, and on Investopedia here: 3 Trends to Watch in ESG Investing both of which are simply informational, and not focused on offering ESG advice. You’ll do well reading through these sites for learing, but again, you’ll be hard pressed to find content demonstrating the long term power and impact of ESG, SRI & AI strategies. 


  • Both offer sound traditional investing advice and education including AI 
  • Both are highly reputable


  • ESG and SRI is very difficult to find within their posts

Honorable mention

Alternative Investment Coach

While the focus on this site is decidedly NOT ESG or SRI, there is a large list of Alternatives investing advice that is well worth reading for any investor interested in more self-direct opportunities. With the knowledge contained here and a sustainable mind, an investor could devise a powerfully impactful investment strategy.  

It’s clear after reading through all of these sites, there is room for improvement in this critical information space. While great investment advice can be found all over the internet, finding great ESG, SRI & AI advice can be a challenge. 

We hope this helps you find the right investments for your portfolio.


Maxwell Roe

Max Roe founded Coyote Worx in 2019, a project management consulting company focused on commercial and renewable energy development. With over ten years of industry experience, he is a builder and real estate asset manager/investor who specializes in renewable energy.

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  1. While the focus on this site is decidedly NOT ESG or SRI, there is a large list of Alternatives investing advice that is well worth reading for any investor interested in more self-direct opportunities. Great article! Thanks for sharing.

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